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About Us

Ese Scott began Computech Designs in Aberdeen, Scotland, after 14 years in his career as an Information Technology Professional. Over this period, Ese rose through the ranks as an employee. From his early beginnings in a Technical role, he then moved on to become a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Head of Operations. Ese has always demonstrated business and entrepreneurial qualities. He has utilised these to deliver high-quality and purposeful solutions to the organisations for which he’s worked. Now, Ese’s leadership qualities are evident in his own business. From his experience working in different industries, Ese observed the struggles many businesses faced in changing or embarking on digital transformation projects. He decided to utilise his expertise in business and technology to help more businesses bridge such gaps. Without an understanding of business operations, even the best technology projects will fail. Ese realises this and has built a team at Computech Designs to assist organisations in their digital transformation initiatives.

Computech Designs


Our Core Values

Computech Designs has been built upon these core values:

Passionate & Positive Relationships

We build positive relationships with the people with whom we work, both employees and customers. We know that business success begins with having a healthy and positive relationship both within and outside of our organisation.

Computech Designs

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We continuously work to develop our team and our practices to ensure that our skills stay relevant. An investment in learning and improvement drives the success of our organisation.

Computech Designs

Diversity and Utmost Respect

We appreciate and respect the people with whom we work, regardless of who they are or from where they came. People are our greatest asset, so we prioritize respect and care for one another.


We are passionate about what we do and have built trust and credibility over the years. That’s why we celebrate the achievements of our most exceptional employees. This creates a passionate and positive culture in our business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to apply our industry expertise, technical know-how, and resources to empower our customers to make their business stronger.

Computech Designs

Vision Statement

We aim to be the global solution provider of choice for business and digital transformation initiatives. Our commitment to our customers, employees, and vendors is the foundation of our mission.

Computech Designs


Serves Across Diverse Industries

Computech Designs serves customers across diverse industries, including finance, oil & gas, automobile, house-building, health care, construction, and manufacturing. It has expanded its services to providing consulting services, implementation, customising, and upgrading various enterprise applications, custom application development, and managed support services. And though the business started in Aberdeen, it now has operations in Inverness and Edinburgh.

We are here to help you succeed